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The Queensland Dragon Boat Club were the first rowing club to install a Mechanical Dragon Boat Stacker into their new boathouse. We recently got in touch with their secretary, Julie Elliot, to talk about dragon boating and how this new stacker has helped her club's day-to-day running. What got you into dragon boat racing? "I have always loved water sports and love keeping fit. The first time I watched a dragon boat race I thought it looked like a lot of fun, but

Fundraising. One of the least exciting aspects of being on a dragon boat team, yet arguably one of the most important components of the club. Unless your team is sponsored by a large company or benefactor, you are constantly searching for ways to raise money in order to keep your boat afloat, so-to-speak. Most clubs finance the majority of their organization with membership dues, but typically this does not fully cover the cost of all the team’s necessities such as boat maintenance or

Do you have big ambitions for your rowing club? The saying goes, ‘by failing to plan, you’re planning to fail’. If you want to reach your goals for the year, it is important to take the time to plan how you will achieve them. And what better time to do that than the beginning of the year when everyone has returned refreshed and excited for the new season? Here are some things for you to consider in your annual plan, that will

While we're sad to see the 2014 year go, it certainly is a great excuse to throw on a big event and earn some extra dollar for your rowing club. You're with Space Saver Rowing Systems and this is the December 2014 Rowing Club Fundraising post: Row To Santa Challenge Here's an interesting idea - calculate the distance from your rowing club to the north pole and run a "row to santa" erg-a-thon, where a team of rowers join forces to row

Together with our friends at Rowperfect UK, we explore different ways for you to raise funds for your rowing club throughout the year. One thing that fits perfectly alongside fundraising is a good side cause, and this month our side cause focus is on children! Us older folks need to nurture the next generation to be the best it can be, so why don't we put a little support inside our fundraisers as well? In doing so, you also encourage non-sports invested

Every rowing club needs to raise funds. Whether its for a new boat or a new boathouse its never easy coming up with good ideas to net you the funds you need. We at Space Saver Rowing Systems are here to help you out with some more fundraising ideas. Before we get into that though, we’d like to remind you that our FREE fundraising ideas eBook is available for download! We’ve also got an eBook that does cost a little bit but packs a

Rowing isn't the easiest sport to understand or get excited about. That's a fact, as sad as that fact may be. So this quarterly fundraising ideas blog post is all about how to get those interested in other sports or social outings to join the club in a fundraiser. Before we get into that though, we'd like to remind you that our FREE fundraising ideas eBook can be located HERE to download! We're also got an eBook that does cost a little

Anna-Rosa Gejlsbjerg, coach and athlete at Rob Roy Boat Club, had a vision of taking her rowing masters crew to the FISA World Rowing Masters Championships - and she made it come true! “It’s quite expensive to travel” she said, especially in Europe, and she had to work with her crew to raise some of the funds that got them there. We had a call with her to talk about the fundraisers she ran to support her vision, the struggles she