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Download Our 2013 Rowing Club Fundraising eBook – FREE

Download Our 2013 Rowing Club Fundraising eBook – FREE

Start your rowing club fundraising early and catapult your club into 2014. Haven’t got any ideas you say? Well we’ve got just the thing…

The FREE RowingClub Fundraising Ideas eBook – stories of 2013

SSRS FREE eBookThis eBook provides you with loads of ideas on activities that help you raise funds for your rowing club. It comes with several chapters covering different topics of fundraising activities, from events and parties to ways you can help out your community, growing the name and wallet of your club at the same time.

Getting this book could help you get your fundraising activities in order for 2014. Each activity we list even comes with a linked story of another rowing club or group succeeding with it. That means you’re getting a list of proven fundraising ideas for your club, not random thoughts by a non-rower sitting in an office somewhere.

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