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Rowing Club Fundraising Ideas – October 2014 Edition

Rowing Club Fundraising Ideas – October 2014 Edition

Together with our friends at Rowperfect UK, we explore different ways for you to raise funds for your rowing club throughout the year.

One thing that fits perfectly alongside fundraising is a good side cause, and this month our side cause focus is on children! Us older folks need to nurture the next generation to be the best it can be, so why don’t we put a little support inside our fundraisers as well? In doing so, you also encourage non-sports invested parents to join in the fun and help donate to your rowing club.

Movie night hire a blow up screen and borrow a projector to host a fun family movie night! Family themed movies are great for drawing an all ages crowd but keeping it focused on the children. While it is  technically just looking at a screen, it also gets your local community outside and enjoying each other’s company.

Twister? Game night! children love to play around, and encourage fun along with creativity is wholly positive. Invite your locals out for a family games night all in the name of your rowing club.

Water sports day children love the water, and it’s more than likely your local friendly neighborhood families have slip ‘n’ slides and sprinklers ready for deployment. This is a great rowing club fundraising idea because of how water associated it is. If you do it near your local rowing area the kids are sure to ask their parents what those people in tiny boats are doing.

Host a fair, bring a bouncy castle if you’ve got the staff and the ambition for it, host a kids fair at your boathouse! Bring along a bouncy castle and make it a big day of fun and rowing themed activities. Remember, bigger projects often net bigger returns. So don’t shy away from this!

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