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Have you noticed all these new impressive boathouses popping up across the US? How does a club go from a man standing by a river, through to a World Class facility capable of winning medals and achieving champion status? In recent times, they all have one common denominator: RowAmerica. RowAmerica Clubs are developed through a rigid process of; market analysis and feasibility studies, building partnerships between the public and private sectors, strategic business planning, financial strategic management as well as facility

In the past few months, SSRS has had the pleasure of working with one of the fastest growing and exciting rowing organisations in the US. Founded on a vision to support, promote, and expand the sport of rowing, RowAmerica is setting the standard in club development around a model of a centralized administration that creates nurturing environments for athletes and coaches alike, and puts high priority on safety. With additional faculties as a boat distributor, equipment manufacturer, and repair provider, RowAmerica can