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Black Mountain Rowing Shed

Sliding Boat Racks

Sliding Boat Racks & Single Sliding Arms.

Keep your boats secure and organised with these sliding arm boat racks. Make the most of the vertical space in your boathouse and reduce the time it takes to get on the water, using this rowing boat storage system.

Getting rowing boats into the boat shed can be a real chore. They’re heavy, bulky, and definitely not something you can do on your own. What makes it ten times harder is if you have a small boathouse that is tight on space.

This is where Space Saver Rowing Systems comes in.  We help you get the most out of your shed space. With our sliding boat rack arms, you can store more boats and rowing equipment in your boathouse. Bonus – it’s also a lot easier and safer to lift your boats in and out. The boats slide smoothly along each arm on rollers, so all that’s needed to rack your shell is a straight-backed lift. Safety first!

These sliding arm racks are a cost-effective, modular solution, perfect for one-off or re-fitting rowing sheds where there is a need to expand and improve storage. They can be bought as single units, meaning you can expand your storage solutions depending on need and budget. We can also adapt these sliding arms to existing boat racks and can customise the vertical space between each rack to suit the size of each boat hull perfectly.

Our Sliding Boat Racks are made from high-quality galvanised steel, a non-corrosive material that comes in a variety of customisable colours to match your club colours. Manufacture and installation of these sliding boat racks meet Australian, UK, Canadian and US safety standards.

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Store boats neatly and organised enabling access any boat at any time – even the ones on the highest rack! Save time unloading and packing up your boats

Space Saving

Make the most of the vertical space in your boathouse. Customise the space between racks to suit the exact height of your hulls plus they can be retrofitted to any existing boat rack


Reducing the amount of manual labour needed to get boats on and off the racks. Adjustable arms reduce chances of hitting hulls or riggers on other boats or injuring members. A modularised system that bolts together securely.

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“Install was very easy. I picked up some galvanized U-bolts from the local hardware store. They came with little plates that held against the existing frame. I put about 1/4? worth of washers/spacers on the bottom support so that the racks tilted back towards the wall. So far, so good. We had to do a whole lot of moving of existing posts on both sides of our boathouse and we were done in 2 days. It was only me and one helper doing the work. People love them… they have eliminated a lot of our storage and boat damage issues, plus I was able to fit another boat in the same space as before.”

Greg Wood - The Bay Area Rowing Club of Houston, USA