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Wraptor Balance

The simplest way to stabilise a rowing boat for beginners.

The Wraptor Balance is an amazing tool for teaching beginners how to row and scull. It saves coaches time, saves the club money, and enables athletes to learn faster.

Wraptor Balance is a flotation device that straps onto the stern of a rowing boat to aide stability.

Simply clip the Wraptor Balance to the back of a single, double or pair oar rowing boat and you’re ready to start teaching beginners learning to row without having to worry about them balancing the boat.

Use the Wraptor for the first few rowing lessons and then simply un-clip it from the stern and continue to use the same boats to teach your athletes. No need for special learn-to-row boats.

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The Wraptor Balance saves your club money because you don’t have to buy separate learn-to-row training boats which only get used for a couple of weeks a year and then have to be stored all year taking up valuable racking space.

The Wraptor Balance can be fitted to a boat in 2 minutes.

Experienced rowers can use it on their fine singles and pairs as well when you want to teach square blades or other refined techniques that are easier to learn in a balanced boat.

Common questions we get from coaches who teach novice rowing and sculling:

  • How do I store large trainer boats which are infrequently used?
  • How do I get novice rowers to relax their hand grip?
  • How to prevent beginners from capsizing?
  • How do I help disabled people access and enjoy our wonderful sport?
  • The answer to all these questions is the Wraptor Balance.

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With Wraptor Balance, novices learn correct technique and avoid bad habits from day one.

It provides a stable platform for the beginner while getting used to the feel of the rowing boat and acquiring skill handling the oars.

Wraptor Balance builds confidence, and the rower who uses Wraptor balance from the start, will move the boat faster, and more efficiently than the non-user, and will probably do so even before they have learnt to feather and square the blades.

Technical skills can be learned quickly in a safe environment, avoiding accidents on the water and allowing crews to move up through grades faster.

Space Saver supports boathouse and rowing safety.

Cold morning with the wraptor Balance

Cold morning with the Wraptor Balance


The Reversible fin gives constant measurable resistance for power strokes.

Using just the flexible sleeve, an additional fin can be added to the hull of a single or pair/double.  It works to resist the water just like using a bungee.

The addition of a water tube which spouts water up while the boat is accelerating gives constant feedback to the sculler on how efficently they are moving.  When the boat speed drops the height of the water spout falls lower.
Using the extra fin gives a sculler 40% more stability for power strokes.


Allows the coach to work with their people in a relaxed safe environment.

Uniquely, Wraptor Balance allows the coach to teach students how to move the boat efficiently from the moment they first get on the water.  When efficient movement has been achieved, the coach can move trainees onto other areas of technique, such as feathering blades.

Instils good habits from the start. Stabilises the boat while coaches work to undo bad habits and allows the athlete to correct their technique without worrying about boat balance.

Easy to attach & detach, convert your racing fleet to training boats in seconds – and back again. It takes under 2 minutes to fit Wraptor Balance to a boat.

This ease of attachment and detachment means that it can realistically be used for short parts of a training session – for example, to work on a particular area of the rowing stroke cycle in a stable environment before removing the Wraptor Balance kit and continuing the training session.

Want to learn more?

Read the Wraptor Balance Specifications and watch this video.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“With a lot of new members under the age of 15 the Wraptor Balance gives them the confidence in the water especially when they have never rowed before.”

Susan Allen - Clonmel Rowing Club

Don’t just take our word for it…

“The Wraptor balance gives the user a sense of security and safety and confidence to new oars-persons allowing the coaches to provide a better quality coaching session and making a more enjoyable experience for both oars person and coaching staff.”

Vincent Hussey - Offaly Rowing Club

Don’t just take our word for it…

“It gives the youngest rowers the confidence that they need when first trying out the single.The Wraptor also provides a safe learning environment for both the athlete and the coach.”

Derek Holland - Portora Royal School Boat Club

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Wraptor is the best piece of equipment that this club has purchased, to aid the introduction of beginners to the sport of rowing. It is the quickest and easiest way of developing their confidence and technique. We find that the Wraptor is also a brilliant accessory for more experienced oars-people and gives great opportunity to develop and improve technique.”

Paul Fisher - Fermoy Rowing Club

Don’t just take our word for it…

Since we bought the Wraptor balance they have been used extensively by both adult and junior beginners and have proved to be a great benefit especially to those who are less confident as they take their first steps in rowing. We are also using the Wraptor balance with more experienced rowers as they work on improving their technique. Overall I would have to say this is an excellent product and certainly has proved to be money well spent.

Chris Edwards - Runcorn Rowing Club

Space Saver Rowing is so confident in the Wraptor that we will send you a Wraptor Balance to try for 2 weeks in your club FREE of charge. We know that you’ll immediately see the utility of this new rowing equipment.

If you don’t like it, return it to us and simply pay the postage. Simple.