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Spread your wing [riggers]!

Spread your wing [riggers]!

If your rowing club has any number of wing rigger boats, you’ll be familiar with the struggle of fitting multiple boats into the available boathouse space. If you use quick-release wing riggers and put two singles or doubles on a rack, then storing the riggers is your new problem.  Their burly dimensions make them challenging to store efficiently, which compromises the overall number of boats you can fit into your boatshed.

Space Saver Rowing Systems have the solution!

Our Wing Rigger Brackets will maximise the space for the boat racks and utilise the wasted space that was previously lost between rack verticals.

Keeping equipment off the floor by using the Wing Rigger Brackets makes the rowing shed a safer place for rowers to move around and use as well.

Each bracket attaches to the supporting pillar or wall, so you are able to hold up to 4 wings per rack unit as well as freeing up additional horizontal rack space to fit an extra rowing shell in. That’s potentially double the number of small boats on your existing rack spaces!





How do you install wing rigger brackets?

Our brackets are suitable for both scull and sweep riggers and are incredibly easy to install.

Simply drill into anywhere in the back plate of the unit and screw or bolt in place. For wall mountings, we advise you secure the brackets into the wall studs for best results.

For sweep riggers there are black velcro straps to hold the rigger close onto the storage bracket.

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