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Your Boathouse Action Plan| Part I

Your Boathouse Action Plan| Part I

Is your club rapidly expanding? Are you worried your boathouse needs an overhaul to accommodate? We have a strategic way to increase your space and usability without redesigning from the ground up.

A client approached us who required a major overhaul which led us to develop our…

Boathouse Action Plan

This is a 4 stage boathouse upgrade which saves you both time and money!

Step 1 – Think ahead

Firstly, he says, you have to assess your rowing programme and identify what the club focuses on most. If you primarily cater for quad sculls, there is no point immediately fitting out your boathouse with storage solutions for 8+ shells. Consequently, you don’t want to be caught under equipped if that programme begins to grow. Adaptability and anticipation is crucial. Be aware that the needs of the club will change over time. Speak to your members and find out exactly what they want over the next few years.



Step 2 – Install adjustable equipment that will work short and long term


UTS Oar Storage

Once you know roughly what your needs are for the medium-term, you can set about installing the equipment that will benefit you the most. To accommodate the flexibility, Douglas insists adjustable boat racking is crucial. By doing so, you can add or remove space on your racking as required without having to install new equipment. Sliding arm boat racks are the best option, allowing you to extend or contract the arms as required. Similar to opening and closing a set of drawers, you can open the arms to store additional shells or retract them away if they are not needed. This is a fantastic way to double or halve your available storage without requiring additional equipment.






Also part of this step is an ongoing phase of switching classic wing riggers to quick release riggers. We have discussed the advantages of Quick release riggers and wing rigger brackets in previous posts. In short, quick release riggers save time when dismantling at the end of use. Dismantled riggers take up less space but take time to remove. The riggers themselves can be neatly stored with the installation of SSRS wall-mounted wing rigger brackets.

These are easy adjustments that work immediately for the short term while also preparing the boathouse well for the future. The key is customisation and foresight. Anticipating the growth of the club is essential for getting the most out of your boathouse storage space, your time and most importantly, your money!


Wing Riggers stored in a wing rigger

Wing Riggers stored in a wing rigger

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