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Everything you need to know about loading trailers

Everything you need to know about loading trailers

If you’re travelling far afield for your club regattas this season, it pays to know the best ways to get your equipment there in one piece and to maximise your potential trailer space. Our friends at RowIntel have some great tips and resources that will make travelling on race day a breeze!

The following covers a range of tips, including, how to strap down a rowing shell, how to wrap tie down straps, how to secure a bungy cord as well as other the most efficient use of space on the trailer.

Suggested tips for trailer loading

  • Make a map of where everything will be loaded onto the trailer at (see below)
  • Assign jobs to individuals to take responsibility for that aspect of trailer loading
  • Keep athletes responsible for their own equipment
  • Utilize instructional videos to educate and prepare athletes for trailer days
  • Watch How to Rig and De-rig
  • Take a look at the PDF “trailer loading system” employed by the Michigan Crew to ensure the process is quick and orderly
  • Label the racks on the trailer, I suggest 1-12 or 1-15 depending on the trailer, and then name each “tree” A,B,C,D, etc.  So the top rack on the driver side closest to the cab of the truck would be A1, the passenger side top rack near the back of the trailer would be C3 (since our trailer has just three “trees”).

              How can you make the most of your trailer space?

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trailer stacking

A front on and bird’s eye view of how to maximise your trailer space – Created by Jon Kotwicki,

View from the back of an efficient trailer shell stacking

trailer stacking 2

This diagram shows how you can maximise your storage space in your boat trailer. Notice you can fit an additional shell per row if you invert it and secure it to the above shelf in between two boats.

Happy travelling!

If you have any other useful tips for loading your trailers, we would love to hear them! Leave a comment below!


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