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The Perfect Solution For Storing Your Electronics

The Perfect Solution For Storing Your Electronics

You take the necessary measures to store your boats carefully and safely – what are you doing about your electronics?

There’s nothing worse than getting ready to hit the water first thing in morning, amped up for a session with your crew, only to discover your cox box and electronic equipment is either not where it should be, or has run flat from the previous session. How many times have you had to search through the boathouse looking for a spare unit or had to go without?

These extra little hassles take precious time away from your sessions on the water, which can limit your progress during training. Not to mention the frustration it causes around the boathouse.

And let’s not forget these gadgets are expensive!

CB-SECURITY-CABINET-014Isn’t it worth keeping them safe and ready for use at all times?

Knowing these frustrations all too well, Space Saver Rowing Systems have a handy solution for ensuring these issues don’t arise: Keep your cox boxes and other electronics safe inside the SSRS Secure Recharging Box. Each unit is protected by an electronic combination lock for maximum security. There are charging capabilities for up to 20 cox box units, or, shelving can be configured to store Coxmates and SpeedCoach devices.

What do you get?

A unified storage hub for all your electronic devices, protected by a stainless steel exterior and an electronic combination lock. The box, measuring 500mm x 500mm x 500mm, is built to withstand the stresses of the marine environment too, which means the contents inside will be protected against whatever rowing-related assault you can launch at them. The standard unit comes with a single shelf setup for holding 10 NK Cox Boxes, but variations such as an additional shelf or configurations for other products are available. Contact us if you have specific requests.

bXUnOkxHow does the SSRS Security Box benefit my club?

The SSRS Security Box will help your club training sessions run smoother and ensures all members are given fair and equal opportunities with electronic devices while on the water. Not only are the storage boxes secure, but having the ability to charge everything inside it means you will always have a charged unit to use every time you need it!

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