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Stop Worrying As A Coach Part 3: Jim Flood

Stop Worrying As A Coach Part 3: Jim Flood

This next lesson for keeping a level head and lunch in your stomach as a rowing coach is going to be a tough pill to swallow. This pill is brought to you from the mind of Jim Flood, a rowing coach and coacher of coaches who has authored several books on rowing. Much of his efforts right now are going into coaching in third world countries so as to spread the world of rowing.


When posed with the question of how a coach should deal with stress and management, Jim boldly stated “My advice is to get a grip of your knickers and get on with it”. He explained that the idea of coaches stressing can often be part of a socially induced phenomena of “If I’m not worrying then there is something wrong with me”. In Jim’s mind this phenomenon should be dashed.

This approach means that whenever you think of a task you have to take care of, you set yourself up to tackle the task as soon as you have a chance. Busy? Set an alarm for when you next have free time, and when that alarm goes off you’ve got to give yourself no choice but to do what needs to be done.

Doing all of this can be a helpful trick for those who over-think situations. As long as the task is straightforward, simply getting it done is better than mulling over it for a time. And once it’s done you’ll feel 100% better because of it.

So next time you’re looking stress in the mirror and cowering in fear, try going the way of the bull and charging your issues head on! Be aggressive, and take charge, instead of letting it take charge of you.

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