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Boathouse Quarterly: University Of Tennessee

Boathouse Quarterly: University Of Tennessee

This boathouse quarterly post we’re taking a look at the stylish and vast boathouse at The University of Tennessee.

A Tour

We explored their tour video and noticed a great rundown of boathouse needs as well as the chance to admire the place first hand…

What’s So Special About This Boathouse?

Watching this video and taking a look at the space that The University of Tennessee has gives us all a detailed look into what makes a great boathouse. That’s why we’re writing this post and why we linked the video above. The tour shows off…

Their Great Location: While this may have just been a stroke of luck, their boathouse is located right on the edge of a body of water that stretches far and wide length-ways. This is optimal as it gives the greatest space for rowers to practice, plus makes it a lot quicker and easier to get onto the water.

Useful Facilities & Areas: Erging rooms, rowing gear storage, meeting rooms, a kitchen, locker and changing rooms, they’ve got it all. Keep your eyes open in the video to look at the ways they’ve cleaned up and laid out each room as their layouts might work well in your boathouse.

Culture: Rowing clubs are often filled with vibrant people (we hope yours is too!) and he University of Tennessee is no exception. While their facility is great, you can tell they use it to the fullest as both a rowing club area and a culture building center. From comfy couches in the common area to pancakes filling up the kitchen, they know how to use their boathouse to bring their rowing club members together.

What’s your boathouse like? Do you use it to it’s fullest extent to bring your club members together and turn rowing into the greatest life experience ever? Let us know and get in touch, we might be writing about YOUR boathouse next!

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