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The solution to your boat storage woes!

The solution to your boat storage woes!

Are you tired of straining furiously to retrieve boats at dangerous heights, from unstable footings? Or perhaps your boatshed lacks the required floor space to store all of your boats effectively, making it difficult to access them when you need to – costing you valuable time on the water.

If your boat house has vertical roof space that is un-used – take a look at this video.

Let us introduce the solution to all your boat storage problems!

The Space Saver Rowing Systems mechanical boat hoist will provide you with unparalleled storage efficiency without having to extend the footprint of your boatshed. Designed to hold up to four rowing boats, or three dragon boats, the mechanical hoist can reach high into the roof space, without carrying the risks of injury when retrieving or storing boats.  It can also be used to store coaching launches (tinnies) without having to remove the outboard motor.

Now that will definitely save you space in your boat house.

The mechanical hoist makes accessing and storing boats quick and effective, freeing up more time to spend on the important parts – the rowing!

We build and install custom hoists to fit the specifications of your shed.  Find out more about mechanical boat storage.

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