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On the Road Again – A guide to Driving Trailers

On the Road Again – A guide to Driving Trailers

Are we there yet??

That is the second worst question you can ask on a trailer drive, the first is “What state do you think the other half of the boat is in?”.  Some reading this may have plentiful experience in driving large things long distances and on winding roads, and some may be reading this on their cell phone in the drivers seat about to hitch up for the first time.  Hopefully everyone can learn a few helpful hints here.

What we’ll cover:
-How to hitch up with all those chains and such
-How the truck and trailer move in relation to one another
-What it looks like from above (the cool part)
-Helpful hints for when you’re on the open road

We’ll cover those topics with three fun videos below, and a link to a great page with other helpful tips, Drive Safe!

Check out the link below for some other tips to use while on the open road!–Fast-Times-at-the-Filling-Station/#.VLCpsdjwsdk

Special thanks to Jon Kotwicki at Row Intel for allowing us to share this article!

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