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Rowing Club WARNING: Boathouses are like Construction Sites

Rowing Club WARNING: Boathouses are like Construction Sites

The safety of your rowing club members, of your athletes, is of the utmost importance. They’re your reason for being and for doing what you do as a club. Boathouses are one of the places a rowing athlete can get hurt the most and that’s because there can be loose heavy objects and slippery surfaces everywhere – but there don’t have to be. They’re like construction sites, all you need is safe equipment and a mental “hard hat” on and you’ll be in a safe place.

STEPPING UP the safety of your boathouse with VERTICAL STORAGE

We’ve done our research and found that the top two ways of improving boathouse safety are through Vertical Storage and Stable Access. This means often storing your heavy rowing equipment on high while providing a safe and easy way to get it down and put it back up there.

Oar, Boat & Rigger Racks

Rowing equipment is perfectly suited for vertical storage, and we’ve created the right racks for the job.

Oar BracketsOar racks tightly pack oars into a small space while organizing them for easy access. Another solution is to prop your oars up in a corner with a foam bedding on the end facing the floor – albeit that’s a short term solution!

Sliding Boat Rack to store your rowing boats from Pairs to Eights in size.

Boats are heavier and bulkier so were a bit more of a challenge, but we’ve developed stable sliding racks so you can store vertically but it’s still easy to slide a boat out of it’s racking and get it on the water quickly.

Safely store removable Sweep Rowing Riggers

We’ve even developed a rack system for riggers that keeps them easily accessible and in a tight space. They’re placed in a step like pattern to make them identifiable at a glance.

Anti-Tilt Steps & Adhesive Mats

Movable anti-tilt steps

Vertical storage and easy access is one thing, and does improve your safety, but the biggest improvement to make to boathouse safety is SAFE access. We’ve developed the perfect rubberized and easy to relocate “anti-tilt” steps, that dig into the ground even tighter when more weight is applied. But a simple solution to much boathouse safety is to put down a cluster of adhesive mats (rubber, plastic, friction creating) at key damp points in the boathouse. Also provide a way to dry off when entering the boathouse, for example towels on a rack and a shoe cleaning mat.

How do you keep your boathouse safe?

Tell us what you do to keep your boathouse safe, and we’ll feature your rowing club in a blog post!

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