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Modernizing Your Boathouse

Modernizing Your Boathouse

Some boathouses just aren’t with the times. It’s not all about technology though, it’s about adapting a boathouse to be better at doing what it needs to!

An old boathouse tends to be slippery, damage gear easily, are hard to navigate, regularly lead to stored items being lost or stolen, and are open to any number of mishaps to those that use it. To us, this is unacceptable! So we’re here to help you modernize your boathouse with the new tips and tricks of today:

Water resistant and anti-slip surfaces

Prevent accidents and erosion of equipment by adding dry off zones at shed entrances and rubber matting at key points around the shed. Your athletes will appreciate these changes greatly because it all adds to their personal safety. We even produce anti-tilt steps that are a safe and easy way to reach equipment stored in high places.

Everything hangs, nothing left on the ground

When equipment is left on the ground it gets trampled, tripped over, and lost. You’ll be solving all those issues by keeping all gear off the ground, whether you place them on shelves, or hang them using our boat and oar brackets.

Whiteboards and maps showing details about your local waterway(s)

Include information and planning stations in your boathouse, so every water goer is well informed and athletes can plan their routes and strategies. This should prevent your club members from straying into dangerous parts of your local waterways while also helping them make the most of their time on the water.

Tighter security

Fix your boathouse with clock in and out sheets, lockers, lockable gear boxes and more to make sure gear stays with your club and only the right people are accessing your shed. It may seem like a lot of work but with all the gear it could save and the safety these changes provide to your club members (especially private lockers!).

Have you got more ideas about how to modernize a boathouse?

Let us know.

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