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How to cope with losing a coach

How to cope with losing a coach

Don’t get caught without a coach!

Sometimes coaches retire, have to go on leave, get injured etc etc. What do you do then? They’re arguably the most integral persons in a rowing team providing training, management, motivation and more! Well there’s a way to get around losing such an integral members and that’s preparation.

Every rowing club should have a plan in place for when they lose a rowing coach. We’ve got two great ideas here that have worked for clubs such as The Oak Ridge Rowing Association.

1. Backup Coaches

At all times, a club should be growing and maintaining a list of rowing coaches either able to help coach on short notice or looking for a position in a rowing club. Keep a spreadsheet of them that you can follow up with ever month or so. This will leave you prepared for any situation with your current coaches.

2. Make A Plan For Down Time

Chances are you have a dedicated team of rowing club committee members at your fingertips. One good way to prepare for coaches leaving is to note down all the responsibilities of a coach in your club and assign each responsibility to a committee member with the right skills to take it on. With this list on hand you can have committee members take over key tasks at a moments notice if anything goes wrong. This not only helps for when coaches leave, but also for when they get too tied up to finish a particular set of work. Managing a busy club is just as important as managing the loss of a coach!

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