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Product Feature: Mechanical Quad Boat Stacker

Product Feature: Mechanical Quad Boat Stacker

If your rowing boats are starting to take over your boathouse with too much room, and putting strain on your athletes, maybe you should be thinking about picking up a Mechanical Quad Boat Stacker!

The Mechanical Quad Boat Stacker is an invention of ours that helps you vertically store your rowing boats safely and for ease of access.

Quad StackerThe stacker…

  • protects your boats by separating them on their own individual shelves.
  • saves you space with vertical storage.
  • protects your athletes from back strain because they no longer have to pick boats up off the ground.
    and more importantly…
  • gets you and your athletes on the water faster, so you can get to training and with less stress

Visit the product page to find out more about the Mechanical Quad Boat Stacker or hey, if you already know you need one to save space and time while boosting your rowing club’s equipment lifespan…


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