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Train rowing club novices: Wraptor Balance FREE club trial

Train rowing club novices: Wraptor Balance FREE club trial


Have you heard of the number one way to save your club space and money? How do you encourage new athletes to join your club without wearing your resources thin? We’ve found the solution in the Wraptor Balance and are so confident that we’re happy to give your club a trial run!

What is the Wraptor Balance?

The Wraptor Balance is a floatation device to help novices get used to the balance and flow of rowing. It straps on to rowing boats with a variety of sizes. This is achieved by the Wraptor Balance being made of several smaller pieces that fit together over a boat. It’s just like a pair of clip on training wheels for a bike.

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“Wraptor is the best piece of equipment that this club has purchased, to aid the introduction of beginners to the sport of rowing. It is the quickest and easiest way of developing their confidence and technique. We find that the Wraptor is also a brilliant accessory for more experienced oars-people and gives great opportunity to develop and improve technique.”

Paul Fisher, Fermoy Rowing Club

Why would it benefit me so much?

  • You’ll no longer have to spend money buying training boats.
  • The Wraptor Balance is light and small, taking up far less space than training boats.
  • They’re incredibly light, and quick to set up.


Have your club CONTACT US for your chance to try out the Wraptor Balance for free.

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Don’t like it? Ship it back (that’s the ONLY cost to you).

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