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Boathouse Architecture: The Fontana Boathouse

Boathouse Architecture: The Fontana Boathouse

The Fontana Boathouse: a tribute to architect Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright is a acclaimed architect who passed away on April 9th in 1959. His designs however have lived on. Finishing construction and opening in 2007, the Buffalo, NY Fontana Boathouse was built from a design started in 1905.

This achievement came about when several rowing friends banded together. They combined his design with their vision of a waterfront hotspot for rowers, the public and especially tourism. Lloyd Wright’s work focuses on symmetry and this boathouse is no different. This was the only boathouse he ever designed.

What goes on at the Fontana Boathouse?

Located in Rotary Row, Buffalo, NY, the Fontana Boathouse can be hired for events including a calendar of Regattas throughout the year. It’s also a great tourist area to visit and you can have a guided tour of the facility. It’s busy all year round and truly supports the local rowing scene.

The design

The design has a higher middle section with shorter alcoves to either side. This gives it both vertical and horizontal boat storage opportunities.  Being able to store oars vertically saves a lot of space.

Travel and enjoy the scene

So if you’re a rower looking for great rowing attractions in the USA, head over to Buffalo and shoot some pictures of the Fontana Boathouse and a living memory of Frank Lloyd Wright. You can even support them and their activities by donating.  They are entirely not for profit and help grow the rowing community.

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