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Add a splash of colour to your SSRS equipment

Add a splash of colour to your SSRS equipment

Do the standard red shade of SSRS oar racks clash terribly with your club colours? Have youRAL chart example been searching aimlessly for a paint colour that will match perfectly with your lavender purple and tumeric yellow oar blades?

Space Saver Rowing Systems feel your pain. That’s why we have taken the time to bring you this super handy RAL Colour Conversion chart so we can custom-colour YOUR oar hanging racks.

We use powder coated (RAL) colours, for the best finish on our products.

Because there are a wide number of colour coding systems in existence (RGB, HEX, CSS etc), selecting the matching colour between different systems can become quite tricky and time consuming.

Make painting your SSRS storage equipment the right colour a breeze!

This RAL Conversion Chart provides matching codes for RGB, HEX, RAL and a range of colour names in various languages.RAL colour chart SSRS Turn your boathouse into a functional work of art with colours that perfectly represent your club!

How do I find the right colour?RAL color chart

If you know what the RGB, HEX or ‘name’ of the colour used by your club, you’ll be able to match it alongside the RAL colours listed in the site above. And for Pantone colours, click here to download a Pantone > RAL conversion chart. If you would like your Oar Hanging Brackets or Wing Rigger Brackets to be painted in a particular colour, simply let us know the RAL code when you place your order and we will take care of it!

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