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Product feature: Cox Security and Recharging Box

Product feature: Cox Security and Recharging Box

In 2014 we’ll be bringing you more information on what makes SSRS brilliant and unique. Not to blow our own trumpet but many of our products have revolutionised the way rowing sheds operate and have bought success and speed to rowing clubs around the world. This month’s product feature is the Cox Security and Recharging Box (sold in our online shop priced for Australia and the USA) which helps maintain, charge and preserve your cox boxes and other rowing electronics.

These security boxes help clubs maintain…

  • Security – locked access is designed to protect your rowing electronics from theft. It’s a combination lock as well so you can share or protect the combination with rowing club members without having to share around and potentially lose a key.
  • Readiness – charging points in the box keep your devices charged so they’re ready to go out on the water when you are.
  • Protection – the cox security box is marine safe, protecting your rowing electronics from deterioration rather than just leaving them exposed to the harsh environment of a waterside rowing shed.

Don’t take risks with your rowing electronics. Give them the care and protection they deserve and help them last a lifetime.

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