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6 Blog Posts that can help Turn your Club Around

6 Blog Posts that can help Turn your Club Around

It’s a new year – and we have 6 articles from our Club Management Series to help you look at your club with a fresh eye for improvements.  From the pains of organized management to club safety, proper equipment care techniques and that pesky little thing called fundraising, these articles cover 5 of your bases to get your new year starting smoothly.


  1. Managerial tasks: Free Online Tools for Rowing Crew Management. Ever heard of doodle, google docs, recording aps? This list suggests various free and basic technology that can help with managing and coaching, including a list of great rowing websites that help coaches gain new ideas for training.
  1. Organizing a Crew of Athletes for your Rowing Club (it can be harder than it seems). Use our sample spreadsheet to make your life a little easier, and think outside the box of ‘phone tree lists’ (so yesterday).
  1. Keep it Clean – The Art of Caring for Oar and Scull Handle Grips.  Not only will this make your equipment last longer (which we definitely want), it will help to minimize accidents – such as cuts from sharp pieces and infection when blisters are present.
  1. How to Learn from Safety Incidents and Share the Knowledge Around the Club. Learning is a skill, and when it comes to club members safety it’s absolutely essential that when an incident occurs, you know how to share the knowledge, and take the proper steps so that it never does again.
  1. Club Fundraising Know-How: It’s the Little Things.  Four simple tips in how to ease a financial strain on your rowing club – small amounts can be a big cushion over time.
  1. 10 Lessons from Bad Rowing Websites.  We’ve all seen terrible rowing websites in our day – make sure that your club’s site isn’t among them. It’s important for potential members, current members, coaches, and junior’s parents to be able to find all of your information easily, in an appealing format. Consider a website revamp if you find that your website resonates with a few too many of these 10 lessons.

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