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Christmas Gifts for Rowers, Coxswains, Coaches, and You!

Christmas Gifts for Rowers, Coxswains, Coaches, and You!

Christmas is sneaking up fast – at only 4 weeks away, avoid your classic move of saving shopping until the last minute.  You know that you have a plethora of rowers and coaches in your life, and with the help of Rowperfect UK, we’re going to make holiday shopping just a little bit easier for you.  Why bear the cold (or the unfailing heat, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere), to spend hours shopping in person, when you can get it all delivered right to your door.  

Gifts for Rowers:

  • Sweat Gutr: Keeps sweat out of your eyes, so the finish line can stay in your sight.
  • White bow light: Keep single rowers and scullers safe in the wee hours of the morning, with a bow light.
  • Calf Skins: These are specially woven to protect legs from ‘slide track bites’.
  • Scullers Mirror: Designed for scullers and coxless boats. Get a ‘rear view’ while you row. 
  • Rowing & sculling DVD: A unique look at Britain’s top rowers in training. You get to see technique, drills and exercises as well as receiving tips from their coaches


  • White bow light: Keep your crews safe with a light on the end of their boats.
  • Wing Rigger Brackets:  Store your precious boats out of harm’s way.
  • OarRATER stopwatch: This is a great low cost tool for coaches. Measure stroke rate and splits. It also features a stopwatch, alarm as well as time and date.
  • Coach’s Spanners: A 2 spanner set made of hardened steel undoes footstretchers & gates
  • Fundraising hints and tips: Have a club that’s struggling to make ends meet? Help your coach get pro-active.
  • Sliding boat arms: For the Coach with too many boats.
  • Harry Mahon DVD bundle: This package contains both Harry Mahon DVDs. Volume 1 is Harry Speaking at the 1994 ARA Conference. Volume 2 features Martin McElroy talking about how Harry and himself coached the British 8 that won Olympic Gold at the Sydney Games in 2000.
  • Coaching the Coxswain (eBook): This eBook is essential for any coach who has never coxed before. Teach your cox the skills they need in the boat.


  • Footstretcher spanner: Lightweight and made to undo those over tightened footstretcher bolts. On a lanyard so that it can be conveniently worn whenever you’re on the water.
  • Cox Security and Storage box: Keep your expensive coxing equipment safe and charged.
  • Down and Dirty Bundle: Get the Down and Dirty Guide to Coxing, The Down and Dirty guide to Coxing Audio, and the Down and Dirty Drill card in one package.
  • Waterproof Locker: Keep your car key and drivers license safe and close by with this handy locker you can keep with you on the water.

On the smaller side of things, Rowperfect UK also has a selection of Rowing Christmas cards, Graphic art posters by Tonia Williams, and fun miniature oars  available in the Rowperfect shop.

Happy shopping from Space Saver Rowing Systems!

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