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Race like an Olympian (but Avoid the Injuries)

Race like an Olympian (but Avoid the Injuries)

As we watch the Olympians tearing through the water in their races for Gold, we’re naturally inspired to push ourselves, sometimes past our limits, in our own practices and races.  Inspiration is a great thing, but not if it leads to injury.  No matter the season it’s smart to be safe when it comes to rowing.  The management at your rowing club, along with coaches and members should be aware of common rowing injuries, basic treatments, and most importantly, prevention methods.

Common Rowing Injuries

This document on common rowing injuries, is written by M.D. and Ph.D., Jo A. Hannafin, Professor of Orthopaedic surgery at Cornell University.  She outlines common rowing injuries with a focus on prevention and treatment methods.  According to her article, common injuries are localized in the wrist and hand, forearm, shoulder, rib, hip, knee and back.  Treatments can be as simple as: change in mechanics – smaller handle or rest thumb on top, rest and ice massage, etc.

While a visit to a physician is always recommended when sports injuries arise, it helps to know symptoms of common injuries, and most importantly, prevention methods.  So stay safe and row on.

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P.S. You can’t get away from it!  Keep up with Olympic news here (news is separated by country), and share it around the club for inspiration, now that you know how to minimise those pesky injuries.

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