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Translating efficiency to better performance

Translating efficiency to better performance

We all know that the better prepared we are the better we will perform. The question is, how far can we take that theory?

All the crews in a shed work hard to achieve their on-water goals, and clubs provide the resources to do that. The aim should be to develop momentum throughout the season, building to the championship regatta.

There are a few things which can put a stop to a crew’s momentum. Injuries and illness are sometimes unavoidable. The most frustrating of all though is when crews are kept off the water because of damaged boats and oars.

This time is not only expensive to the shed, but can cost the crews their season. So how can we avoid unnecessarily damaging equipment? By making the most of the precious shed space we have and making it easier to place and remove equipment in the shed, the risk of damage is greatly decreased.

Space Saver Rowing Systems have a solution for all of a shed’s storage problems. By preparing a shed well you can save time and money on boat repairs. By making getting on and off the water more efficient crews get to spend more time on the water, meaning better results come regatta day.

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