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For this blog post we're going back to basics for boathouse safety. We love innovating boathouses for maximum safety and efficiency, but at the end of the day if you haven't covered the little things then the bigger innovations aren't as effective. So here's our short list of boathouse safety basics we feel every club should pick up and check: Keep your rowers safe We're focuses on this first because it should be a club's top priority. Not only will caring for

Together with our friends at Rowperfect UK, we explore different ways for you to raise funds for your rowing club throughout the year. One thing that fits perfectly alongside fundraising is a good side cause, and this month our side cause focus is on children! Us older folks need to nurture the next generation to be the best it can be, so why don't we put a little support inside our fundraisers as well? In doing so, you also encourage non-sports invested

We're helping you transport your rowing equipment with trailers through our new FREE eBook - Transporting With Trailers. Pick it up in our store for the FREE download and find out about counterbalancing, safer driving, and how you can keep your equipment safe as you transport it. USA store   |   Aus store   |   EU store

Regattas are competitions for rowers, and in many respects they've been the same for years. But some say the ways that regattas run aren't open to a recreational or casual rower. Well, the Domestic Rowing Revitalisation survey from Rowing New Zealand is seeding a change. The Need For Change The casual scene in rowing for New Zealand lacks regattas and events.  Less active rowers that are still in love with the sport don’t stand a chance competing against athletes in major regattas,

Every rowing club needs to raise funds. Whether its for a new boat or a new boathouse its never easy coming up with good ideas to net you the funds you need. We at Space Saver Rowing Systems are here to help you out with some more fundraising ideas. Before we get into that though, we’d like to remind you that our FREE fundraising ideas eBook is available for download! We’ve also got an eBook that does cost a little bit but packs a

If your rowing boats are starting to take over your boathouse with too much room, and putting strain on your athletes, maybe you should be thinking about picking up a Mechanical Quad Boat Stacker! The Mechanical Quad Boat Stacker is an invention of ours that helps you vertically store your rowing boats safely and for ease of access. The stacker

Rowing isn't the easiest sport to understand or get excited about. That's a fact, as sad as that fact may be. So this quarterly fundraising ideas blog post is all about how to get those interested in other sports or social outings to join the club in a fundraiser. Before we get into that though, we'd like to remind you that our FREE fundraising ideas eBook can be located HERE to download! We're also got an eBook that does cost a little

Anna-Rosa Gejlsbjerg, coach and athlete at Rob Roy Boat Club, had a vision of taking her rowing masters crew to the FISA World Rowing Masters Championships - and she made it come true! “It’s quite expensive to travel” she said, especially in Europe, and she had to work with her crew to raise some of the funds that got them there. We had a call with her to talk about the fundraisers she ran to support her vision, the struggles she

Technology has come a long way since the old days of rowing, and now you can get accurate and in-depth personal statistics right in the palm of your hand. How? The "BoatCoach" android smartphone app by Dan Eiref is how! BoatCoach is a smart little app that is the first we've seen that works BOTH for indoor rowing and on water rowing. It records stroke rate, stroke count, distance traveled and so much more by using the different features of your android smartphone. As

Transporting rowing equipment can be a hassle, especially when flying is involved. With so many rules and regulations (not to mention disclaimers when damage to the equipment occurs) it can mean the difference between a smooth trip and an absolute nightmare arriving without your gear. Not to worry though! In this post we're covering the ins and outs of transporting your rowing oars on aeroplanes. Pre-transportation Possibly the best (or sometimes only) option for transporting your rowing oars by flight is with pre-transportation.