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Are You Back with the Crew Yet?

Are You Back with the Crew Yet?

How did you spend your Christmas break? Aside from the essential overindulgence of food and drink, did you get out on the water? Has your boat been confined to the walls of the boat shed for the past month?

The answers typically fall into two categories – those in the Southern Hemisphere who have had the fortune of warm summer weather to burn off the additional calories of the festive break, and those in the Northern Hemisphere, who have likely had to make do with extra erg sessions due to snow and frozen lakes.

In both cases, it has probably provided you some time apart from your crew. So how well did you and your crew reconnect for the new year?

Was the break significant enough to undo any progress you had made? Is your sense of camaraderie and unity so strong that you’re back in sync from the moment you all get back to the boathouse?

Chances are if you live below the equator, your time spent separated was a minimum. With peak regattas culminating in the next few months, you know exactly what’s going on and slip straight back into things in the new season.

Those in the rest of the world have likely had more time to relax with regatta season not starting until much later in the year. Oh, and possibly the minor complication of lakes and rivers being covered in ice!

Has this extended break made your reunion the best thing to happen this year…

Or has it taken a little while to get back into the groove?

Either way, the bond you form with your crew is a unique relationship that will last you a lifetime.

Treasure it, as you look forward to this year’s events.

What is your crew’s main focus for 2016? Let us know!

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