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Rowing Club Roles #2: Secondary roles for larger clubs

Rowing Club Roles #2: Secondary roles for larger clubs

As a rowing club grows there’s more work to be done, and more need to delegate so as not to over-work committee members. The following 6 roles are examples of good practice. Not all may be required however, and multiple roles may be taken by the same person:

  1. Vice President(s)
    With a slight difference to the Secretary, a Vice President’s duties involve running fundraising events/activities, sponsorship and liaising with corporate supporters and alumni members, and substituting for/representing the President at meetings as appropriate. They need to establish contacts with local press and media and keep an up-to-date press cuttings web page  or blog as well. Perfect candidates are positive, proactive and outgoing and can present fluently.

  2. Entries Secretary
    It may be useful to have an entries secretary specifically to handle regatta entries. This person completes entry forms, chases racing licence number renewals, and liaises with the Treasurer for reimbursement of entry fees.  They will need to be familiar with the online race registration system used in your country.

  3. Sub-Captain(s)
    Picking separate captains for Men, Women, Masters, Juniors etc shares the role for specific training groups.  Each captain organises outings/training sessions for their group, liaises with coaches to select crews, supports/ensures compliance with local river rules and regulations.  In a University based club they might also represent the club on Student Union bodies. A group rowing captain needs to be fair, diplomatic, enthusiastic, well organised and easily contactable.

  4. Novice-Captain(s)
    A supporting role for Captains, Vice-Captains help their club by assisting with Intake of new rowers. They aid in the training and experience of novice rowers in particular by making sure their first encounter with the sport of rowing is safe and enjoyable.

  5. Social Secretary
    A Social Secretary is responsible for all social club events. This management includes travel, venue, entertainment, money, table allocation, tickets, guests and speakers. Social events can range from small team and bonding gatherings to end of year club balls and awards.  It’s also closely linked to fundraising and so should liaise with the Vice President.

  6. Kit Secretary
    When clothing becomes a hassle, a Kit Secretary helps obtain manufacturers quotes, collates orders, secures funds for gear and organises its distribution. Kit can be a source of club income so is important to have someone taking care of it.

This list of roles was mentioned comprehensively in the British Universities Rowing Handbook by British Rowing and British Universities & Colleges Sport.

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