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5 Websites to keep your Rowing Crew Entertained and Connected

5 Websites to keep your Rowing Crew Entertained and Connected

The internet has helped bring the global sport of rowing together – there’s plenty of content to keep the rowing world entertained, engaged and connected. Using this resource can actually be a powerful coaching tool. Not because it builds technique or pushes boat speed, but because it drives passion for rowing and draws athletes (and their coaches) together.

Here are our top 5 websites for you to get smiles on the faces of coaches and athletes alike while sparking some great conversations.

Rowing Memes

A constant stream of rowing jokes and pictures, the Rowing Memes Facebook page shares the feelings of rowing enthusiasts from all over the world. Each post is something to relate to, and a great way for coaches to identify what athletes find difficult in training.

Rowperfect Facebook

Memes land here too, but this group also includes anecdotes and info from the rowing world. Some posts keep rowers sharing their feelings and thoughts on common situations in rowing – so again, a great resource for identifying pitfalls in coaching and rowing.

Rowing Sounds Fun

Moving away from Facebook, the Rowing Sounds Fun page puts a funny spin on the rowing community. Great for a laugh and great for people to share funny slices of their lives as a rowing lover both in and out of the water.

Reddit Rowing Forums

Reddit is great for looking dialogues in rowing and really starting up a conversation. Everything from news, tips & tricks for training, humourous or catchy stories, and Q&As on rowing.

Rowing Confessions

On Twitter and Facebook, the Rowing Confessions crew are saying all the things that rowers are thinking. Most will make you laugh but confessions closer to your heart will certainly make you think.

Enjoy rowing life and share it with rowers around the world through these great links. We’ll be sure to let you know if we notice any other special corners of the internet, so keep your eyes peeled to the blog.

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