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Get the Most out of your Boathouse

Get the Most out of your Boathouse

What makes a boathouse great? Along with design and equipment, it’s a fantastic use of space. You can turn any boathouse into a great boathouse by utilizing and organizing the space you have. It takes careful planning, critical thought and the right storage systems. Re-think your boathouse – how can you make it great?

We have two articles designed to help you answer that question, and work with what you have.

Fit More Boats into your Boathouse

We know what your boathouse looks like.  It’s cramped. And it’s time for a change. Ours is the same.

Be unconventional.  We recommend “Height over Width”.

If your boathouse has space above the top vertical rack – we can help you use it profitably.  In an urban setting, we are sure we can help you find ways to store more boats in less area.  Take a look at the moveable steps and mechanical stacking racks.  But let’s get down to the nitty gritty of boathouse reordering, click through to read our article and get our top 4 suggestions.

How to Re-Organise your Rowing Shed

(Because you know it needs it)

If you’re a boat club manager or committee member, you’re running a business.  Twice a year, with an influx (or wane) of club members, you need to assess the state of your club  from a business strategy standpoint.  Figure out who else needs to come on board in terms of members and employees, including facilities management, coaches, etc.  Writing a sports club strategy is best done separately.

Re-ordering and re-organising your shed will be done most efficiently when you have an exact assessment of the number of new and masters rowers, the number and size of rowing teams, number of coaches, how many regattas your members will be competing at, and how many boats you’ll need to manoeuvre in a given season.  This won’t help only in organising your shed, but in purchasing equipment to fill it.

Three Steps to an Organised Boat House

There are three steps to this process: plan, organise, and purchase.  Follow these steps bi-annually and re assess your boat house for optimum storage based on club members. Get the detailed outline of these steps in our article.

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