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10 Things To Do at the Close of the Rowing Season

10 Things To Do at the Close of the Rowing Season

In preparation for next season, you need to finish this one with annual checks to rowing boats, to give yourself and your club time for changes and repairs. It’s a bit like servicing a car once a year!

Step one, is to get a working bee going at the club. List all of the boats in the shed, and get a small team of people (minimum 2) to work together on each boat recording the following data points.

Rigging & Boat Wear & Tear Checks


Boat name

Boat Weight / Type (8/4/2/1)

Date of measurement


List each numbered seat and against each, record items 3 – 10 below. It may be best to print out a spreadsheet template for everyone to use.

3. Oarlocks

Are they worn? Y / N

Do they wobble around the pin if you lift the gate? Y / N

Replace: Y / N

4. Rigger nuts and bolts

Are they rusty? Y / N

Replace? Y / N

5. Slides

Are the protective ends in place everywhere or missing?

Missing = replace

6. Shoes

Are they worn? Y / N

Does the closure velcro hold firm? Y / N

Is the heel restraint firm and correct length? Y / N

Good / repair / replace

7. Seat

Are the bearings working in all wheels? Y / N

Are the clips holding the seat in place?  Y / N

If they rattle, replace / or repair clips

8. Coxswain seat

Are the speaker wires clipped securely in place?  Y / N

Any breaks in the wire? Y / N

Do all speakers work clearly? Y / N

Good / repair / replace


9. Riggers

Rigger span: cms – sculling boats – distance from centre of pin to opposite side centre of pin

Rigger spread: cms – sweep boats – distance from centre of pin to mid-point of boat.

10. Pitch of Oarlock

What degrees are on the oarlock insert (the blue/black plastic that holds the gate onto the pin Height of oarlock sill off the seat in cms (you’ll need a height stick for this)


All papers are turned into Coach or Captain of the club, to determine if any changes are needed before the next season.

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