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A Set of 3: Drills and Exercises for Rowing Coaches

A Set of 3: Drills and Exercises for Rowing Coaches

As a boat club manager, you can't count the number of hats you have to wear on two hands. Yours is a big job, and we're here to make it easier. One task that's important to the fluid development of your club, the effectiveness of your coaches, and the satisfaction of your club members, is supporting your coaches in their tasks of effectively teaching rowing and sculling with the use of drills and exercises. Rowperfect UK has put together an excellent list of drills and exercises, for arms and body rowing, to slide progression, to prep.  Hopefully your club is 'online' by now – so email the links below to all of your coaches, and start a conversation going.  If not, print them out, and pass them around!

Excerpt from “Arms and Body Rowing”

“Today we start a series of “Super Exercises” for rowing and sculling.  These are among the most important drills that will help your crew acquire skills to move a rowing boat.

British Rowing Technique is set out in Rosie Mayglothling's slides available free in our e books section on the Rowperfect shop.  Download a copy for yourself.

This week we begin with the first one.

Arms and Body Rowing

What is the Exercise For?

Teaching the end of the power phase and the finish including learning how the legs, back and arms contribute to creating an accelerated power phase.

How the rower does the exercise

There are three stages to this drill.

  1. Stage 1: Rowing with body swing only and straight arms and straight legs
  2. Stage 2: Rowing with body and arms and straight legs
  3. Stage 3: Rowing at half slide

The drill can be done either square blade or feathered choose what suits your athletes' skill and experience.  You can do it whole crew or half sitting the boat level.

The drill should be done firm pressure.  Allow enough strokes at each of the 3 stages to enable the athlete to feel their body movement and how it is contributing to boat speed before moving onto the next stage.”

Get the Exercises:

  1. Drills and Exercises for Rowing and Sculling – Arms and Body Rowing
  2. Drills and Exercises for Rowing and Sculling – Getting Ready for Exercises
  3. Drills and Exercises for Rowing and Sculling – Slide Progression from Front-Steps

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