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Preparing for the HOCR

Preparing for the HOCR

If you're in the U.S. your crews are rowing up a storm in anticipation of the Head of the Charles regatta later this month.  As a boat club manager, you want to help your coaches prepare your crews for such anticipated events.  Below we have a link to an excellent resource from Coxmate, on how to Steer the HOCR, so your crews, and your coxswains can be as prepared as possible for the famous regatta.

Help your coaches help your crews

The HOCR will be held on the weekend of the 20th and 21st of October, for the 48th annual event. To help you prepare, we have an excellent steering guide to the Head of the Charles River. It includes four excellent resources as well as an aerial map of the HOCR.  The resources include:

  • A play-by-play by former Cornell University Cox and Boston University coach, Meli Mathis
  • 'Preparing to Cox the HOCR' by Olympic Coxswain, Yasmin Farooq
  • The official Head of the Charles Regatta race guide
  • Audios of world champion coxswains, Seth Bauer and Peter Cipollone, Coxing the HOCR in 1997

Best of luck at the regatta!

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