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Free Electronic Logbook for Rowing

Free Electronic Logbook for Rowing

If you still use the ‘classic’ pen and paper to sign out boats at your rowing club, you’re a bit behind the times. Why not make life a little easier for you and your members, a little more organised, and save a few trees while you’re at it. We’ve discovered a free electronic logbook for rowing (take a peek).

EFA – The free logbook program

It’s pretty easy. The device is called EFA, and can be used on a boathouse computer – all members enter their sessions directly into the EFA when deploying a boat onto the water (and returning).  You can select boats, enter sessions, see up-to-date statistics on how much any member has been rowing.  The set up is straight forward too – boats are displayed in lists, split into boats that are available, unavailable or currently on the water. For each boat, you can define groups of people that are allowed to take that boat out.  Boats can be reserved once or at recurring intervals. Boat damages can be reported and if you have internet at your club, that info can be emailed directly to a responsible person. Not only that, but with internet, administrators (you) can log in remotely, from your home – keeping track of things without always being there. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Any other bright ideas? What free software do you use at your rowing club?

Check out EFA, and download for free.

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