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Winter’s Upon Us: A Boathouse Clean-up Checklist

Winter’s Upon Us: A Boathouse Clean-up Checklist

In the Southern Hemisphere, winter is settling in – you can feel the chill on the water, right?  It’s time to clean out the boathouse before winter training.  Below we’ve put together a checklist of things to do around the boat club. Did we forget anything? Add to our list!

  • Wash boats – Wash them off and hose them down!  USE SOAP – washing up liquid is great and don’t forget to rinse off all the dirty suds.
  • Service boats – Make a list of repairs needed for each boat.  Don’t forget the lights.
  • Motor Boats – Check the oil in the engines, and that they’re running smoothly.
  • Check the rigging – Span, pitch, heel restraints, oarlocks aren’t too worn, make sure slides won’t cut anybody if they have lost their rubber end stoppers.
  • Coxing wires – Coxless boat steering wires, steering shoes – check they all work and wires move freely – add WD 40 lubricant if needed.
  • Tidy up! – Make sure that boats, oars, life vests, riggers, are stacked and hung. Take a good look at your space and judge whether it’s well utilized. Consider hanging oar racks or wing rigger racks to free up more space.
  • Sweep out the club – No it won’t remain sparkling clean through the winter, but trust me, it’ll help!
  • Go out for drinks – There’s nothing like a few beers among mates after a hard day of labour to make you feel like you’ve accomplished something. (If it’s seriously cold out, consider hot toddys instead.) After all, a rowing club is all about community.

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