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Coaching and Insurance Podcast

Coaching and Insurance Podcast

Last year Mike Davenport, author of the Nuts and Bolts guide to rigging hosted an annual conference of short presentations called ‘Lightening Talks 2010’.  Each year the program is designed to impart valuable knowledge to high school rowing coaches. The program introduced guest sports speakers, each of whom discussed an insightful topic under 15 minutes, sharing their views, opinions and answering queries.

Space Saver Rowing Systems will be sharing these podcasts pertinent to rowing club managers monthly on our blog.

Today’s pod cast is on Insurance and Coaching. It covers your exposure as a coach, outlines what kind of personal insurance you should have auto insurance if you will be transporting kids anywhere, personal liability insurance for umbrella security, and goes into such specifics as who is responsible for damaged equipment when loaned, and how much to insure yourself for.

Podcast: Are you covered enough? Insurance and the Coach, Scott Bramble

At just 15 minutes, it’s a quick way to gain valuable knowledge, and is easy to share with coaches around your rowing club.

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