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Welcome to Part 2 of our series on Purchasing Rowing Equipment. Read Part 1 Read Part 3 Step 3 Money, and How Much? Purchasing rowing equipment can leave a meteor sized dent in your wallet. Depending on what you want/need to buy, you could be looking at a massive amount of money. For instance an elite-level men's eight used to compete at the World Rowing Championships may cost between $25,000 and $40,000, and that's just for the shell. Then there are the electronics, oars,

A step by step guide on how to purchase the correct rowing equipment for your needs at a price you can afford, in a 3 part series. Read Part 2 Read Part 3 Space Saver Rowing Systems specialise in writing articles about rowing club organisation and management. Realising that most clubs are volunteer-run, we know you need as many free resources as possible to keep the club running smoothly. SSRS wants to be the source of good quality information that you can use and

The weather looks questionable. This includes, thunder, lightning, heavy rain, and fog. It may sound intuitive but weather can change in a flash on the water, and turn a mild, cloudy day into a wild storm in minutes. Fog is particularly dangerous for rowers. It can surround you very quickly, and not just vision but even sound gets muffled. If you find yourself caught in the fog, slow your speed to a crawl and make a lot of noise for

Space Saver Rowing Systems is heading to Queensland to install their world leading designs, into the newly completed Varsity Lakes Boathouse. Varsity Lakes is a purpose built community recreation centre to accommodate, " the Gold Coast Rowing Club " Gold Coast Dragon's " Gold Coast Sailing Club SSRS will be installing a mechanical stacker to store 3 dragon boats weighing up to 300kg's each. The Gold Coast Dragon's will now be able to occupy two bays of the shed: instead of 4 bays without the machine. SSRS will