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Nothing puts a damper on our favourite sport of rowing like common accidents on and off the water. Do any of these scenarios sound all-too-familiar? Slipping in water puddling off boats fresh from the river Dropping boats and fracturing them Collisions on the water between boats (watch where you're going!) Collisions on the water with stationary objects - trees / banks / poles - it happens! Let's jump straight into avoiding the mishaps Drying off your boat once you get out of the water is not

Are you worried about keeping rowing club members on board to keep your club finances from springing leaks?  Well we have a few tricks for you to keep up your sleeve that should help pay for the necessities, and all YOU have to do is start thinking small, because it's little bits of change that can make the difference. Regatta fees - When planning to race, within the regatta entry fee you can charge any person wanting to put their behind in one

Guest Post by Barrie Robinson Part of our Club Management series - because having a good rowing website is essential to having a good rowing club. As the developer and manufacturer of the OarRATER stroke rate stopwatch I have visited literally hundreds of web sites of universities, colleges, high schools and clubs as well as other organisations.  In a previous life I wrote a column in a computer magazine and I did a short series on web sites and their failings.  So, naturally, I

Read Part 1 Read Part 2 Step 5 Options, Specifications and Features The days of making the man fit the boat are long gone, these days the boat and most other rowing equipment is made to fit the rower, so as you can guess, there are a lot of options. When you start looking at all the available options, you may get overwhelmed, so the best thing to do is keep it simple and ask advice. Specifications are the characteristics of a piece of equipment. Not