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October 2011

Last year Mike Davenport, author of the Nuts and Bolts guide to rigging hosted an annual conference of short presentations called 'Lightening Talks 2010'.  Each year the program is designed to impart valuable knowledge to high school rowing coaches. The program introduced guest sports speakers, each of whom discussed an insightful topic under 15 minutes, sharing their views, opinions and answering queries. Space Saver Rowing Systems will be sharing these podcasts pertinent to rowing club managers monthly on our blog. Today's pod cast is on

Is your rowing club in need of new oar brackets?  Perhaps a few new shells?  Or a mechanical stacker?  You know it's time to fund raise, and SSRS is ready to share some great ideas of how to add crisp bills to your club penny jar. Helicopters, TV stars and $40K, Oh my You have connections and it's time to use them.  Haul in your celebrity contacts and their really, really expensive toys for the 'penthouse' of rowing club fund raisers. Take the Palmetto rowing club fund raiser

Rowing as a metaphor for life is the motto of a unique and inspiring rowing club.  Space Saver Rowing Systems had the opportunity to get to know them when they purchased our Oar Brackets earlier this year. They're called the Gentle Giants, and if you're a rower or rowing club manager, they are something to get inspired by.  The Gentle Giants have turned their passion for rowing into a way to benefit communities and the environment in which they row.  Their motto extends the ideals

NEWS FLASH Space Saver Rowing Systems to Store U.S. Men's Rowing Team Equipment U.S. Olympic Training Center to Use Company's Oar Storage Solutions Canberra, Australia, March 16, 2011 Space Saver Rowing Systems (SSRS), a world leader in rowing storage systems, announced today that the U.S. men's rowing team has selected the company's bracket solutions to store its sweep and scull oars. The systems will be installed at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif. More than 40 men training for

A Rowing Club Manager's Checklist It's that time of year when the northern hemisphere starts winter training and the southern hemisphere schools begin their summer programme.  Collaborating with coach Rebecca Caroe of Rowperfect, we have pulled together a check list of things to do for a rowing club at the start of the season: Sweep out the boathouse - dusty and dirty it is and spick and span it will be Put away those riggers lying on the floor between the boat racks.  Maybe get a hanging rack for wing riggers. Service